Guys, I’m tired.

Tired of seeing beautifully put together houses and gorgeous portrayals of perfect lives. I’m tired of seeing endless posts about lipsticks and putting together ‘affordable’ wardrobes that aren’t affordable at all. Gorgeously sculpted bodies reflecting hours dedicated to the gym (my nemesis) and smoothies galore.

I want to see more women (and men) talking about things that matter. The dirty, unglamorous parts of everyday life and how to deal with them. I want messy, stressy and not-100%-perfect to be ok and shown off a little more so that the weight of life that we all feel becomes bearable. I want the ‘hustle’ to be over and balance to be more important. No, not shutting off your phone at 5pm, but working smart and realising the value of sleep and working smart.

Here’s to building a community of like-minded people who share and celebrate the dark days and the things that got them through. The snippets of inspiration, creative resources, tips and tricks. Here’s a space to marvel at amazing work, wonderful creations and brilliant breakthroughs. This is an honest, safe, really frank space.

I am:

  • A new mom
  • A wine and coffee nut
  • A wanna-be runner (I’m trying, and will have to start from scratch post-pregnancy)
  • A content and communications crafter, aka Word Nerd. (Here are some examples of my work).

Welcome to my online home.



P.S. Want to hire me?