First things first – this has been a long time coming. Since we lived in Germany we’ve longed for more adventure. More change. More experiences. Some international work experience.

We love SA, but we want to see the world. So, we’ve been investigating options and figuring out ways to make a few marks in our passports. We’ve also been trying to figure out what would be best for our little family. The options for us were limited so this is the one we’re going with, for now. We’re moving to Australia.

{Throw in every cliched comment you want now, then get off your horse. Thanks.}

Horrified as we may be at the thought of our small-fry growing up with an Aussie accent, we can’t wait to show him a few of the places we’ve seen. I want him to be able to jet down the slopes of Niseko, in Japan, and nibble his way around Bali before he kicks back in Thailand. To do that, he needs a couple of dollars in his pocket.

If you had the opportunity to show your kid, and yourself, the world, wouldn’t you grab it with two hands?  Thought so. And opportunity came a knockin’.

So, this is it. There’s a checklist a mile long of things that we need to get through, but we have one whole month to pack up and ship out.

Any advice? You know, for tilting your world upside down and starting from scratch.

2 thoughts on “Howzit, Australia.”

  1. Oh wow! Did I find your blog at the right time! Looking forward to following your adventures. In a very similar boat and we keep asking ourselves ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ All the very best for your great adventure!!

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