Nope, it’s not the admin, although there is a list of things to do a mile long.

It’s not even the packing.

It’s the FOMO. Actually, let’s not call it FOMO. It’s not fear of missing out, it’s 100% certainty that I’ll be missing out.

I can get past the casual gatherings but the big things, the weddings, baby showers, BIG birthdays. That’s the stuff I’m battling to get my head around.

Look, we’re not going to Mars, but realistically speaking, there’s no way it will be possible to hop on an airplane and fly 13-15 hours every other weekend and, whilst I’m pretty certain that the friends I have will be friends for life, Imma miss them something chronic.

Where’s the hand book on that, internet?

Oh, and this song is stupid.

Disclaimer: I have sybsequently realised that, perhaps, it will suck even more to miss the small things. Again, where’s the hand book on that, internet?

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