Yesterday, while my little man was dozing peacefully (hooray) on my bed, someone innocently asked me what I DO all day.

Now, I must admit that there are days when I tuck the little guy in and wonder that same thing – where did the day go? What did I actually do / accomplish?

Then there are days when I reach the end without having to sit down on anything other than a play mat for some tummy time or the side of the bed during a feed.

There’s laundry (so much laundry) and cleaning and feeding and burping and stimulation play and regular play and the occasional good, hard stare at the cuteness wondering how we made it and a snack for me and another snack for A and maybe a walk or a trip to the shops and hopefully, if he naps nicely, I can have a quick nap or watch a little tv once I’ve eaten and cleaned up and put away the toys and paraphernalia that seems to explode out of his room. Luckily, bath time is not on my list. That’s Dad Time. Phew. But then there’s dinner and a feed for A and bed time and seven hundred nappies in the middle. Maybe a cuddle. Maybe a series or a few pages of a book (maybe). A little studying, a little instagramming / blogging / tweeting. Jokes, that’s what I do when I’m in the bath, feeding or… on the loo. Shut up. You do it too. Somewhere in there is a walk (sometimes) and a shower. Maybe a coffee / lunch outing or a visit from a kind someone, most likely checking that I haven’t gone insane or caught cabin fever (I have, to both). And a LOT of time putting dummies back into a tiny mouth, looking for dummies, cleaning dummies. Wiping burps and spit and drool. Cleaning my hands is – by the looks of things in the cuticle department – happening a LOT. Gosh… what am I forgetting? My tea? Oh no, that’s cold.

And then suddenly, the day is done. We’re sitting down to dinner, flipping through the endless channels of nothing, and then someone says, “Well, I guess we should go to bed.”

Bed time involves a check on the baba, a shower or dunk in leftover bath water, a chat about the poop-tivities of the day, a scroll through Facebook or a little online research and then, typically, I pass out mid-conversation and am woken up by a little cry at some stage in the night. Two feeds, some nappy changes and suddenly it’s morning. And then we do it all over again. And that’s before walking, or talking, or eating real human food.

Or something like that. I can’t really be sure because some days really are a hazy, baby-scented fog. You know, in case you were wondering.

Here, just take a look at what these hilariously honest moms have to say…

Disclaimer: Motherhood is amazing, I love it and you can DEFINITELY manage all of it. Do not let this post put you off. You’ve got this. 

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